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For the University
Democracy and the Future of the Institution

Thomas Docherty

Bloomsbury Academic 2011

Bloomsbury open access

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Book summary / abstract

For the University is a book both about and for the university in the age of mass and globalized education. It analyses the current problems facing the university as an institution, and also offers some positive arguments for a revived and vibrant set of institutional arrangements and governing principles.

This book considers the place of the university as an important global institution, now in a charged political and international public sphere. Setting it in a wider economy and politics, this book focuses on the question of the university in relation to current and emerging models of democracy.

The question of what the university will be – rather than it is, was, or might be – is at the heart of this book, and Docherty ably traces its history and present condition in order to offer us a vision for the future.